AWS vs Azure vs GCP: Comparing The Big 3 Cloud Services Provider

Nisarg Rami
3 min readJan 16


While nearly 90% of businesses have already adopted the cloud in any form and migration to cloud will continue for many more years to come, it’s hard to remain unaffected by the cloud computing era.

The global cloud market is mainly dominated by 3 cloud services provider AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud. As you plan to adopt cloud computing, learning which service provider offers the services you need and which aligns the most with your organizational goals is crucial.

But, the service abundance, complex pricing model, and various other factors make it hard to compare these top 3 platforms to conclude. Well, you don’t have to do the hard work as we present you with a crisp comparison of them.

Who Leads The Market?

Before anything else, let’s find out which one is presently leading the market. The recent research findings indicate that AWS is the market leader. A 2019 market research revealed that AWS holds 32.3% of the total cloud computing market. The revenue it generates is way more than what it is the revenue of the other two combined.

Next comes Azure, a Microsoft-led cloud service, with 17% of the total market share. We know that it’s half of AWS’s share. Still, it holds a considerable section.

Lastly, we have Google Cloud Platform, which holds a 7% share of the global cloud market. Its share is growing at a rate of 45% per year and will certainly have a larger section of the market in the future.

Crisp Comparison Of Top 3 Market Players

  • Cloud Price Comparison

Money, of course, matters. And when you’re using the cloud for all your key operations, you can’t afford to pick a cloud service that is way too pocket-heavy, as long-term usage will surely consume your budget.

A quick price comparison is here.




MS Azure


(2 Virtual CPUs and 8 GB RAM)





(128 vCPUs and ~4TM RAM)




But, price comparison is not that basic. There are many aspects involved.

Support Offered

The seamless cloud service usage depends majorly on the kind of service support you get from the cloud provider. This means quick troubleshooting and hassle-free service usage.

  • AWS Support — You have three support options here, Developer Support, Business Support, and Enterprise Support. Assistance is offered around the clock and is quite quick as well.
  • Azure Support — You also get tired-based support with Azure. Here, you have Developer, Standard, and Professional support with this service provider.
  • Google Cloud Platform Support -There is no tiered support with Google Cloud. The premium support is offered with either portfolio or stand-alone programs.


You need to check the service availability before picking a service, as it will help you determine whether the cloud provider you’re going to pick is available in your region.

AWS has the widest availability as it covers 60 locations across the globe. The other two, Azure and Cloud, are available in only 24 regions.

Final Say

You can’t expect seamless operations, optimized cost, and great accessibility to data without migrating to the cloud. As you plan to use the cloud, choosing the right kind of cloud partner matters the most. Take the help of a cloud partner to find out which cloud provider is best for you and start your journey to the cloud.



Nisarg Rami

Nisarg Rami is a Principal Tech Lead and cloud evangelist. Majorly working in enterprise and mobile solutions for the clients from the US, Europe.