Benefits of Combining Angular With AWS

Nisarg Rami
3 min readApr 10


Developers of the present era have to think beyond the horizon and learn the art and science of combining the right technology and services to perfect the application development process. Done are the days when a set pattern and process has to be followed blindly to develop a mobile or web app.

As customers expect more from an app and competition is cut-throat, businesses must be familiar with multiple development tools and technologies that gel up well and empower each other. Angular and AWS are one such combination. Let’s dive into the benefits and significance of this power pair.

Angular and AWS — The Match Made In Heaven

Both AWS and Angular are the leaders in their respective domains. AWS is the world’s leading and widely accepted cloud service provider offering endless cloud computing capabilities.

Angular is an open-source TypeScript-based application development framework adopted by thousands of developers. While Angular is essential to develop an app, AWS provides the deployment space and ecosystem for that app.

Now, if we see the current trends, customers want to have more than regular cloud-based applications. They need applications that can scale immediately, are flexible enough to adapt to new operational changes, are cost-effective, and are available whenever required.

This need is only well taken care of when the application is developed on a serverless framework using Angular and AWS so that there is no need to pay attention to the management and provisioning of backend server workloads.

For Angular-based applications, AWS is an ideal choice to make because it proffers a wide range of tools and techniques for Angular developers that ease the development process.

Regardless of the AWS service you pick, you are entitled to enjoy:

Wide range of libraries

AWS provides numerous easy-to-use libraries with all of its cloud services. These libraries feature pre-built codes and templates that you can use instantly. This way, development time reduces, the time-to-market of an app increases, and organizations can start development even with a beginner. There is no need to hire a skilled developer and invest heavily.

Result-driven toolchain

AWS keeps its customers equipped with all the leading tools that are required to develop and maintain the serverless backend for Angular applications. All these tools are delivered as plug-and-play solutions and demand less configuration. So, as you start configuring an Angular app, you will have a chain of tools for support.

Amazing UI components

With AWS, you get to access a wide range of interactive and engaging UI components that you can use for your Angular apps. These UI components are easy-to-integrate and have great compatibility with Angular. Hence, troubles are nowhere to be seen.

Preferred AWS Services

As you plan to combine AWS and Angular, we will suggest placing your bet on some of the most result-driven AWS services.

AWS Amplify — The best serverless framework for Angular application development, offering laudable build capabilities. It supports full-stack development.

S3 Static — Preferred hosting option for Angular apps because it takes care of the continuous integration process and allows seamless development.

Amplify CLI — It works like a centralized toolchain offering everything related to creating, integrating, and managing the AWS for the app.

Go Ahead And Combine

Best apps are only developed when the best people use the best technologies. For Angular apps, AWS provides a wide range of assistance that supports flawless application development. Try this combination today, hire the best Angular developers, and you will find yourself very near to a particularly designed and empowered Angular app.



Nisarg Rami

Nisarg Rami is a Principal Tech Lead and cloud evangelist. Majorly working in enterprise and mobile solutions for the clients from the US, Europe.