Digital Transformation in eCommerce Industry: Trends and Challenges

Nisarg Rami
3 min readAug 12, 2023


eCommerce, even with constant growth, is not a challenge-free industry. Ask those who are involved in it, and you will get to know that it takes a great deal of blood and sweat to make an eCommerce business successful.

Market competition, quick demand to pivot, lack of capital, and evolving customer demands are some of the hurdles an eCommerce market player has to deal with at regular intervals. Digital transformation is a new addition to the list.

In this post, the focus remains on eCommerce digital transformation challenges and trends in the eCommerce industry.

#1 — No wiliness across the team

The biggest challenge for an eCommerce or any other business while getting started on the digital transformation journey is the lack of acceptance from the team. There are always some team members that show great affinity towards legacy systems, and they are not ready to go through this change.

They might oppose it, don’t use new tools with the same ease, and even start making great operational goof-ups as they don’t accept the digital transformation.

#2 — Not deciding which all tools and strategies are useful

84% of digital transformation projects fail. Digital transformation has a vast scope. Starting from tools to strategies, many options are available. However, a business, eCommerce, or any other, can also have a successful digital transformation if the right resources are implemented with the right strategy.

Sorting out this is a tough task and demands an expert understanding of digital transformation practices and procedures. This is why experts recommend hiring digital transformation experts who help at every step.

#3 — Safe and secure data transportation

If an eCommerce business is completely replacing legacy systems, ensuring data safety during the cloud migration is a great challenge to deal with. A single data loss/misplaced/theft can cause a huge loss. This is not at all acceptable.

#4 — Continuous technology update

Even though being digitized is the need of the hour, it comes at a cost. The technology demands regular updates and maintenance. With cloud technology, this is not a major concern. But, with premise-based tools, this is a great challenge. AMC is a great option for this.

#5 — Automation remains the first priority

The biggest trend in the eCommerce industry’s digital transformation is to keep the focus on automation. Chatbot, notification, checkout, order tracking, inventory updates, and everything else remain key areas where automation is used widely.

#6 — Shoppable links on social media

Shopping from social media is on the rise, and eCommerce businesses are trying to reap benefits from this trend. This is why now we have shoppable links using which one can shop directly from the Instagram or Facebook page of an eCommerce business.

Final Say

Digital transformation is not a trend. It’s a must-have strategy that can only bring success when done correctly. Hire an expert to get rid of challenges and adopt the latest trends.



Nisarg Rami

Nisarg Rami is a Principal Tech Lead and cloud evangelist. Majorly working in enterprise and mobile solutions for the clients from the US, Europe.