Five Key Benefits of Upgrading to .NET 7 and Why They Matter

Nisarg Rami
2 min readJan 19, 2023


With .NET 7, you can develop several apps in Visual Basic and C# with premium features, such as dynamic language support, maximized support for creating Windows store apps, and more.

Already utilizing its advantages? Then, you must be thinking about what’s new in .NET 7 and why you should upgrade to this latest version of the .NET framework. Well, let us explain why it is essential.

5 Advantages of Performing .NET 7 Upgrade

Upgrading to .NET 7 is safer, straightforward, and faster. Moreover, it helps accomplish a group project because of its extended support of Visual Studio. It has several benefits despite having plenty of options in coding style & language. Let’s consider these top 5 benefits.

  1. Increased System.Reflection performance

The System.Reflection namespace is in charge of classifying and storing types to make retrieving stored data from modules, members, assemblies, and other sources easier. Therefore, with this special update, the overhead associated with using reflection to invoke a member has been significantly decreased in.NET 7, which increases performance 3–4x.

2. Native AOT Improvements

This allows developers to take advantage by ensuring the hassle-free trimming of the apps. As trimming is the most crucial part of Native AOT compilation, this recent upgrade to .NET 7 will assist your apps in getting ready for Native AOT. Moreover, as it’s a short-lived process, the overall execution time will be reduced by startup overhead.

3. Faster on stack replacement

OSR can increase startup speed by up to 25% (Avalonia IL Spy test), and advancements can be made by 10% to 30%.

4. Simplified configuration

The recent upgrade to .NET 7 facilitates configuration while guaranteeing safe authentication and validation.

5. Cloud-native architecture

The latest upgrade to .NET 7 matters as it boosts the app startup and runtime execution performance more than its previous version. On the other hand, as far as cloud-native architecture is concerned, a monolithic architecture cannot be flexible or constructed to evolve as microservices architecture can.


Despite these benefits of upgrading to .NET 7, other leading highlights of this framework are native support for ARM64 systems, thorough performance boosts, maximized .NET support on Linux, and one base class library. In a nutshell, by supporting the processing of location change events, .NET 7 is also known to boost the debugging process.



Nisarg Rami

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