How Does It Cost to Develop Travel Mobile App in 2022?

Nisarg Rami
3 min readJun 14, 2022

If you’re a part of the tour and travel industry, then having a travel mobile app is one sure-shot way to success. As many as 68% of people are using a travel mobile app to plan a trip. From searching for a hotel to booking a flight, a travel mobile app is a handy solution for Gen Z and millennial travelers. Hence, if you haven’t got a travel mobile app until now, do it now. But, before you delve into travel app development, learn about the expenses involved.

The Cost of Developing Travel Mobile App In 2022

Finding the exact cost of travel mobile is critical as varied factors impact the final expense. It depends on the technology stack used, OS type, features included, and the app development service provider hired. Once all these factors are sorted out, only one can have an idea of the final expenses.

However, we studied the industry’s standards closely and determined the average cost of travel mobile app development. It could fall anywhere between $5,000-$50,000. We know that it’s a huge range. But, it’s the reality as the cost is dependent on your expectations from the app and the quality of service you’re seeking.

For instance, if you’re looking for a travel mobile app that is only suitable for the Android platform and features only basic capabilities like login, travel guide, booking, and payment gateway, the job will be done within $10,000.

But, if you want to own a cross-platform app that is laced with advanced technologies like AI, VR, voice search, cryptocurrency payments, and so on, get ready to spend as high as $50,000 on the project. Also, that’s not the upper limit. It can double-up with the features added. So, the easiest way to find the exact cost of a travel mobile app development is to figure out the answers to questions like:

● What’s your spending capacity

● What features do you want to add

● What sort of app do you want to build

● What’s the targeted OS

● Would you like to outsource app development assistance or have an in-house team for this

● What technology stack do you want to use for the development

● What APIs you’re going to use

● What tools do you want to use

We know finding answers to all these questions isn’t easy for you. So, the best way out is to take a mobile app development consultation from a trusted source like C-Metric.

C-Metric — Solution to All Your Mobile Development Needs

C-Metric is a travel application development company with an impressive history of developing feature-rich and customized travel mobile apps. Seasoned in developing Android, iOS, and cross-platform travel apps, its in-house app developers, will help you solve your dilemma and provide an application development strategy that aligns best with your goals.

Just put forward your queries and expectations related to travel mobile app development. The industry expert will connect with you to proffer a viable plan that fits your budget and fulfills your custom requirements.

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