Reliable Azure App Architecture Practices

Nisarg Rami
2 min readApr 3, 2023

Azure is one of the most preferred cloud computing services across the globe. It provides a wide range of services and facilities that Azure developers can refer to develop reliable applications. However, having the best resources is not enough to design flawless applications.

Azure developers have to adopt best practices to experience laudable results. In this post, we have come up with a quick list of such approaches.

Make Azure App Architecture Work For You

If you plan to experience the best possible outcomes from your invested Azure app architecture fundamentals, planning and implementation efforts, have a look at expert-recommended practices.

API Designing

Make sure that you’re designing web APIs by adhering to the best possible standards and protocols. Also, only the recommended data formats are used. It’s also recommended to use and promote service evolution so that end-users can easily figure out the functionalities without asking for any modifications.

API Implementation

As you plan to implement APIs, you need to make sure that web APIs are implemented to be effective, responsive, and highly scalable. This is possible with the help of actions like offering content negotiation support, following the HTTP specification, and making idempotent actions.

Any implementation exceptions should be handled properly and backed by the discovery of reliable resources. There should be enough support to handle large requests.


It’s important to design apps that are capable of dynamically allocating and de-allocate resources so that performance requirements are well taken care of. It’s better to take the help of Azure Monitor autoscale here as it will make scaling fully automatic.

Azure Application Architecture diagrams

Take the help of these Azure App Architecture diagrams to ensure the team is aware of the Azure infrastructure and understands what’s happening behind the curtains.


When caching is concerned, you need to make sure that you’re improving the app performance by copying the data to the storage that is nearest to the app. Also, data expiration and concurrency need to be fully managed.


Content Delivery Network or CDN is a great way to optimize the delivery of web content and reduce the load on web apps. It makes sure that all servers are handling an equal traffic load.

Final Say

Azure apps are great for making you an empowered business. They can deliver more than your expectations. With the above practices, it’s easy for Azure users to improve the Azure app performance and experience more than standard expectations.



Nisarg Rami

Nisarg Rami is a Principal Tech Lead and cloud evangelist. Majorly working in enterprise and mobile solutions for the clients from the US, Europe.