Top Reasons to Combine React with .Net Core for Web Development Project

Nisarg Rami
3 min readMay 18, 2022


The front-end development ecosystem is constantly undergoing many changes. With the advent of innovative technologies, you will notice the emergence of new tools and frameworks for developing the front end of websites. Being occupied with multiple choices, it becomes difficult for developers to choose the right front-end development framework.

Most product owners prefer to React these days for saving time and minimizing development hassles. However, recently, React JS has also emerged as a popular front-end development framework. The following section will find the benefits of combining React with .Net Core for web development projects.

Why React JS?

React JS is a JavaScript library developed and introduced by Facebook. Jordan Walke, the creator of the library, opines that React is an efficient, advanced, and flexible open-source JavaScript library for web developers. Besides developing dynamic websites, developers can use this JavaScript library for developing web applications.

Front-end website developers use React JS to create a scalable, simple, and fast front end for websites and web applications. According to BuiltWith’s web and application development trend analysis, around 10,418,340 companies across the globe are now using React JS for their business applications.

Nowadays, it is the preferred choice to combine React with ASP.NET to build enterprise-grade web development projects. In the following section, you will find the benefits of React and .NET Core for web development.

1. React Offers Faster Performance

React is faster than Angular, and thus most developers prefer to use Reach nowadays. You can easily write code using this library, which will simplify the coding structure for the web development project. As a result, the web interface will load faster.

React comes with the concept of Virtual DOM, which represents DOM memory in the form of JavaScript objects. React can interpret any changes made to a page by comparing the current and previous DOM. As a result, the developers do not need to re-render the whole page. React JS will re-render the required changes automatically, and thus it saves time and hassles for the developers.

2. Write Custom Components Easily

The combination of React and .Net Core helps developers add custom components to their web development projects. React includes an optional syntax extension known as JSX. Developers can use JSX to write their custom components that will accept HTML quoting. Moreover, the extension also facilitates a delightful experience for the developers in creating the subcomponents.

3. Developing SEO-Friendly Websites

Today, it is the responsibility of every developer to produce SEO-friendly websites. Delivering such websites to clients will help developers earn a good reputation. Your reputation will eventually bring many clients and projects. Using React JS will improve the loading speed of a website. Nevertheless, the JavaScript library also creates an interactive front-end interface for web visitors. For these reasons, the website becomes SEO-friendly.

4. Vast Ecosystem

React has a vast and thriving open-source community. As a result, developers will find robust libraries for UI components, statement management, styling, and other operations. Novice developers will find many free resources to learn React JS. You can find a vast community of React JS on Reddit and Stack Overflow.

So, these are some of the benefits of using React in combination with .Net Core for web development projects. React ensures that developers can reduce development time while the output becomes satisfactory to the client. If you are looking for reliable full stack developers who are well-versed with React and .Net core then connect C-metric to build one of a kind digital product.



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