Why Angular + ASP.Net Core is the Most Preferred Combination for web app development?

Nisarg Rami
2 min readJan 12, 2023


Companies must ensure a slew of factors before commencing the web app development process to make sure it reaches the summit of success. One of the most crucial things, to begin with, is opting for the right technology stack.

Simply put, a web development stack is an amalgamation of programming languages, frameworks, and tools, which will make your product lively and ensure its scalability and efficacy. So, Angular and .NET Core are the latest frameworks for web app development, which can be integrated for seamless scalability and performance. So, let’s combine them.

The combination of these two frameworks can be utilized for fantastic experiences for your end user. So, without further ado, let’s see why Angular + ASP.Net Core is the most preferred combination.

Angular + Asp .Net Core: The Preferred Combination for web app development

.NET Core is a top-notch .NET framework built by Microsoft, which intends to be lightweight and modular. Moreover, it means .NET Core can power both enterprise and small web applications on any OS or device.

On the other hand, Angular is a front-end framework for creating SPA, aka single-page applications. A web development survey has illustrated that Angular is the second-most notable web framework among professional developers.

Although these results are somewhat confusing as jQuery is a JS library instead of a framework, meaning that Angular is the most famous framework. However, Angular is carefully designed from the start to work amazingly with .NET Core making .NET Core + Angular a remarkable combination for web app development.

Some other major reasons for being the most preferred mix are the following:

  • UI Stack Plasticity

You have several options available to mix native ASP.NET MVC UI with Angular thanks to the flexibility of the most recent version of ASP.NET Razor and a few modules from a variety of libraries.

It transfers functionality from the client to the server, in case you like back-end development over front-end. The combination provides the maximum capability to obtain the ultimate speed for the first-page load along with the server-side rendering.

  • Faster App Development

In case you have to build a successful .NET Core web app swiftly, the .NET Core and Angular stack could be the best options. Both these frameworks showcase a wide number of private and open-source libraries, which can help you accelerate development.

Besides these two reasons, the combination of .Net core and Angular is considered the best mix due to cost-effectiveness, decoupled codebase, and UI stack plasticity. Therefore, both these frameworks can create real splendors for your web development assignment idea. Lastly, the combination of these two frameworks can boost an application’s security, speed, and efficiency.



Nisarg Rami

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