Why You Should Host Angular Web App in AWS Cloud-front?

Nisarg Rami
2 min readApr 11, 2023


Along with perfect development, any application needs diligent hosting to be readily available and have great scalability. If developers fail to pick the right application hosting ecosystem, their entire development efforts can go in vain as the end-users won’t easily access applications.

For Angular applications, AWS Cloud-front is an ideal hosting option. Why? Read the post to know the reasons.

AWS CloudFront — An Ideal Hosting Solution For Angular Apps

As we all know, AWS CloudFront is a globally acclaimed and well-distributed caching service capable of pulling the data in an AWS S3 buck and pushing it to various edge locations to ensure that request content is readily available for the end-users. It keeps the requested content at the nearest edge location of the client. This makes content show up quickly.

If you own a static website, this feature of AWS CloudFront will add up to the performance and load time of the website.

If you have a skilled Angular developer working on an app for your business, s/he must be aware of the fact that this app will run inside a browser and is made up of various static and minified JS/HTML/CSS files. So, it requires one hosting ecosystem that can make all these website files available with immediate effect when a client makes a request.

AWS CloudFront is designed to handle and distribute both static and dynamic website content. It can make HTML/JS/CSS/ and image files of your website available as soon as possible.

If the requested file is not available at the nearest edge location, AWS CloudFront will retrieve it quickly from predefined locations like Amazon S3 bucket, HTTP server, and MediaPackage.

Because of this immediate content delivery, the Angular app you’re developing will have:

● Less latency

● High performance

● Quick response time

● Optimized content distribution

● Better streaming abilities

Overall, AWS CloudFront, when paired with AWS S3, is going to provide you with a cloud hosting ecosystem that will make content delivery faster than ever and improve the performance of your Angular application by all means possible.

Have you tried AWS CloudFront? If not, go ahead and try it now. Hire a skilled Angular developer who knows how to use the full capabilities of AWS CloudFront.



Nisarg Rami

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